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By Jessica Schein
Not everyone has the time to attend Le Cordon Bleu… and that’s okay. You can still get a top-notch culinary education at home and at your convenience with Smart Kitchen, an affordable online program that will teach you how to cook like a chef. It works like this: Text and video lessons build on one another to cover 250 techniques from the basics, like peeling asparagus and working with smoke points, to the advanced, such as stewing homemade fish stock and whipping up a lemon glaze. Additionally, throughout the program you’ll have access to an impressive resource center, delectable recipes, and an engaged online community of foodies, making Smart Kitchen a comprehensive educational experience—just like attending culinary school. More than 2,000 commercial kitchens have used Smart Kitchen’s technology to train chefs since 1999! So cultivate your inner Colicchio: Select a beginner, intermediate, or advanced course, and soon you’ll be just a sauté or a soufflé away from impressing dinner guests and most of all, yourself.

How to Poach an Egg

These are just the crib notes from one of Smart Kitchen's in-depth, detailed videos. To see the full lesson, sign up for Smart Kitchen's comprehensive program.

1. Pour 1 quart of water into a pot and heat it to between 140 and160 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll know the water is there when bubbles form at the bottom of the pot but don’t yet rise to the top.

2. Pour in ½ cup of white wine vinegar. Slightly acidic water helps keep the egg white together during the poaching process, but doesn’t flavor the egg.

3. After a few minutes, once the egg white has coagulated around the yolk, lift the egg out of the water with a slotted spoon. Using your finger ensure that the egg is still soft, and bravo! Poached perfection!

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